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Amazin' 2016 Year in Review

2016-12-31 19:53:25 by AmazinLarry

Hey all, with 2017 around the corner, I'm going to go over everything I've done this past year in order to validate myself and the meager accomplishments I've had! But in all seriousness, this was an alright year for me. I've been moving along in college, and I'm graduating in the Spring! To think that my life took such a turn from going to school for Biochemistry and then switching over to Digital Filmmaking... But I'm glad I made that choice, I'm now doing something I'm actually passionate about.

Speaking of film, this year marked the release of my first actual short film! It's a silent film called Slapstick. You can watch that here:

Other than that I continued with my Amazin' Comics series, which thanks to @DeathClue had two cartoon adaptations:



The rest of the comics you can find here on newgrounds. There's been a bit of a hiatus on them because of the hefty semester this fall, but I'll get back into that in the new year.

This year I also got to participate in a Halloween collab with some talented guys! You can watch the full collab here:


Also in 2016 I began my Amazin' Reviews series of anime reviews. I plan to continue those, my anime viewing hit a bit of a snag which explains the length between them, but you can view the ones I already did here: 

As for the content I've made that pretty much summarizes 2016! I didn't have that much internet presence but I like what I ended up putting out. I plan to do more in 2017, so I'm going to write these things down as a kind of New Year's Resolution, so hold me to these if they don't get done:

2017 Amazin' Productions:

  • More Amazin' Comics
  • More Amazin' Reviews on Anime
  • Amazin' Film Reviews
  • Possible Film Discussion Videos with my friends
  • More Voice Acting
  • Another Short Film
  • Writing for and getting an animated web series off the ground with friends
  • More writing in general, work on screenplays (you probably won't see these)
  • Try and finish an old project, "The Return" 
  • More Rotoscope Videos
  • Possible Skit Type Videos with friends

Overall a lot to look forward to. Keep in mind, I am graduating in the Spring, so I'm gonna have to get a real job after that. But I will try to uphold this resolution and get these things made. 

Also I'll be going to MAGfest so anyone who's gonna go, I will see you there!

-Amazin' Larry


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2016-12-31 21:32:22

I'm happy you have been having a good time creatively.
I have really enjoyed the stuff you have been putting out this year.

I wish we could have made more cartoons together this year but I'm hoping 2017 will give me a lot more time to animate. I'm gonna have about 4-5 months off after April from school because my course finishes early this year and so I will hopefully be able to animate something bigger!

I have been really entertained by the stuff you have put out like the Amazin Reviews, Amazin Comics and 'Slapstick'

I'm looking forward to the stuff you will create in 2017 and also (hopefully) the cartoons we put out.
It has been great meeting as well as working with you this year, so thanks man!

AmazinLarry responds:

It was great working with you too, the few things we ended up doing haha. We'll be sure to do more in the future, so that's something to look forward to. I'm glad you've been enjoying my stuff, little comments here and there like that keep me going.


2016-12-31 21:53:06