2015-04-12 23:11:05 by AmazinLarry

I hate the state of the animation community. There is no ambition to create anything worthwhile because it takes a lot of effort and thought, and simply isn't profitable. Very few are able to juggle being able to make a career out of it while still making content that is artistically satisfying. I'd say about 98% of every independent (not made by a studio) cartoon ever made because irrelevant and worthless within a month of being released. Some are irrelevant before they come out. People praise these shitty parody cartoons that have no relevance or value beyond perhaps a cheap laugh because you understood a reference that was made within the video. I'm tired of seeing things like that. I'm just tired of it. It will always be popular and always get a lot of views, and if that's your aim as an artist by all means go ahead. As long as you are transparent with your intention to amass popularity and views rather than create anything that will be worth anything a year from now, then you can continue mass-producing uncreative, unoriginal shit.
Now a lot of animators are discouraged because of the state of animation. Why work hard and long on one video that won't get noticed at all? A lot of them turn to parody and topical comedy because its not only easier, but it has almost a guarantee of garnering an audience. I only see this as noble when they use this as a stepping stone, by first gaining a large fanbase with shitty videos then to focus on more serious projects so you now have an audience to present them to. Honestly very few animators have done this because they get a taste of the easy e-fame that corrupts them into a life of sloth and greed.
That's not to say that there are no worthwhile animators or animations, just due to the nature of the system it is harder for me and others to discover them because they get very little attention and thus do not spread far. I will link some animations below that I like. If you want you can click them and look.

TIE Fighter - short film

Tigtone - "The Begun of Tigtone"

"The Worst"
The Krypt
The Demon's Gem
Cornflakes Of Agony
Eternal Saturday
The Pigpen
Kagemono: The Shadow Folk
Ça Ça Mirlaquerr
Mak's Parasite
Fit To be Squared


If you have any cartoons which you think are good post them below.....


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2015-04-13 00:40:09

Well I'm not sure how you feel about these, but I can name a few that I can remember (by remember, I mean from what I can find in my favourites):

There's a Man in the Woods
CHILDREN (by the same person who did GIRL & IT)
Radiohead - Creep
The Crawler
Paraphernalia (by the same person who did Kagemono)
The Super Rope Solution
Organ Story
The Guardian's Tale
:the Composer:
And The Raven Brought Fire (and really a lot of other things that Warlord-of-Noodles has done)

That's all I can muster up (so far, anyway). I hope this sates your animation appetite.

AmazinLarry responds:

thank you I will look at these later


2015-04-14 01:21:58

No need for words this says it all...

AmazinLarry responds:

That was cool!


2015-04-14 19:05:46

Glad you liked it this ain't bad either...


2015-04-15 12:14:13

sadly this is what happens way too often. Especially with Egoraptor. But no matter how much we address it, the 8 year old kids (that also laugh at youtube poops when they are sped up and repreatitive and made in 1 hour) on Youtube would rather watch the dumb parodies then something more original. That's why there are so many damned Pokémon parodies. Because Pokémon caters to that type of audience and that's the only type of reference that audience will understand.

AmazinLarry responds:

I know but Pokemon and DBZ parodies especially bother me because they are not even relevant. Unless they are making fun of the new DBZ or Pokemon movies or whatever, they aren't even topical. People just watch them because they recognize the characters.


2015-04-22 18:17:25

In case you never saw Trusts & Estates:

And I feel like Popular on the Internet keeps getting more relevant:

AmazinLarry responds:

Thank you Tom!! The thing i love about Newgrounds is I'm always discovering new great stuff like this


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2015-05-28 16:03:51

Agreed, almost every animator I know delves into shitty parodies and it's just sad. People just have a lack of originality.

AmazinLarry responds:



2016-07-12 01:49:18

Tigtome is probably one of the least appreciated animations I've ever seen.