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1991 REEBOK PUMPS (demo) 1991 REEBOK PUMPS (demo)

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If someone doesn't specifically tell me not to fuck their boyfriend then I consider him fair game. If my friends boyfriend is hot then he should be shared as far as I'm concerned. This is 2017, grow the fuck up. Sorry some of you people get hurt feelings because grown adults like to cum and squirt but that's not my problem, it's yours. If I fuck your boyfriend it's because you obviosly didn't have something and he needed me to give it to him whether it's my hot mouth or delicious tart asshole. So if you have a fucking problem I suggest you come to Rockland and fucking start with me and see what fucking happens. I'll be waiting here with my father's luger and it's fucking loaded.
ill fuck whoever the fuck I want and the person I wrote this about fucking knows who I'm talking about. Fuck you, bitch (mellissa). You don't even squirt from what I've heard. Fucking shamefull.
Hutc or ti
or dfhutc dtfi, idgf.

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*starts slapping you* Who is Go Soda? Why does he wear the mask!

SpeedoSausage responds:

go sodr

-:: High Tech Low Life ::- -:: High Tech Low Life ::-

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This is awesome, found it via the Newgrounds Radio.

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Agitat0r responds:

Thank you for dropping by, and thanks for the review. :)

Corgi-Polish Corgi-Polish

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PLease dont call Loveless a meme album. thakn you

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MobileSpider responds:

I wish it wasn't too but is is!! ;(

All Star (Smashmouth cover) All Star (Smashmouth cover)

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*flexes muscles*

Boggle Boggle

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Hard Trap Pacman Hard Trap Pacman

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chris is sleepy chris is sleepy

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I cant understand reality

Rly Gud Comment Reading Rly Gud Comment Reading

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Trannies ruin everything

SC2 Viking Quotes SC2 Viking Quotes

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oh god this is horrifying why would you upload this

Twisted4000 responds:

to scare people